The Story of Pete King

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While most businesses are struggling to take care of their employees, Pete King - Arizona and Nevada construction companies - has hired and abused illegal aliens.  They’ve undercut the competition, driven down the quality of the industry, and cost us jobs.

In these tough times, we have to stand by the values that make our country strong – hard work, playing by the rules and taking responsibility for your actions.  That’s how we turn this economy around.  So when Pete King cheats the system to get ahead, it hurts us all.

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Pete King:

  • Has hired illegal aliens to do drywall work, at times for less than $4 an hour.
  • Has not paid required federal income or payroll taxes for all their employees.
  • Has not paid benefits or overtime for all their employees.
  • Refused to provide safety equipment and adequate training to all of their employees.
  • Has had 2 workers killed and numerous others injured in job site accidents over the past ten years.*
  • Has over 150 OSHA violations.*
  • Has been fined over $80,000 by the federal government for labor law violations.*/**
Occupational Safety and Health Administration Website
[June 11, 2009-September 26, 1972]
**U.S. Dept. of Labor (Reich) v. Pete King Corp., Case No. 93-00658, Consent Judgment